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Why you Should Get the SafeSoft Suite

Jul 31 2020 by Amanda Dela Cruz

Are you serious about PC maintenance? Do you want to ensure that your computer is running in its best state? Will you only settle to use your computer if you’re ensured that it’s working at its best capability?

If so, you should get a SafeSoft suite. In this guide, you’re going to find out why you and your computer will benefit from this powerful combo. If it’s cutting-edge technology that’s lightweight and works perfectly even with older devices or computers, keep reading.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner

SafeSoft PC Cleaner was designed to help people who are not adept with PC maintenance to handle their system like a PRO. Furthermore, it was also created for a computer to run in an optimized state to give the user a faster and smoother experience.

Junk File Removal

Junk files are what mostly causes a slow PC. This is especially true for older computers that are still utilizing a hard disk drive (HDD) type of storage. If you want to ensure that your PC is always running in its optimized state, it should be free of junk.

File Retrieval

However, you may accidentally delete important files so it’s comforting to know that SafeSoft PC Cleaner has a file retrieval option. Have a worry-free experience in cleaning your system. Assure yourself with a file retriever.

Privacy Protection

SafeSoft PC Cleaner wasn’t only designed in order to speed-up your PC. It also cares a lot about the privacy protection of its users. Tracking cookies, credit card numbers, IDs, and more will all be eliminated by its cutting-edge technology to repel hackers in getting ahold of your sensitive information.

Moreover, SafeSoft PC Cleaner also has a feature called Safe-Passwords. It’s a personal online vault to store all your passwords, ID information, credit card numbers, etc. that’s impenetrable.

Permanent File Deletion

Part of the privacy protection utility that SafeSoft PC Cleaner has is its permanent file deletion feature. When we empty our recycle bins, it doesn’t guarantee that our data is gone forever. This is mostly vital especially if you’re PC is compromised with viruses already. SafeSoft PC Cleaner can help delete your sensitive files FOREVER with the help of random binary data.

Automated Scan and Deletion

Why pay for a tool to maintain your PC if it entails you, manually doing the maintenance? SafeSoft PC Cleaner is capable of doing automated scans and cleanups so you don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with PC maintenance daily.

Free Scan and Diagnosis

If you’re not willing to commit to a subscription yet in unlocking all the features, you may treat your computer to a free scan and diagnosis. SafeSoft PC Cleaner will also allow you to delete junk manually after sending you the results.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner Full Features

  • Repair and Analyze your computer’s problems
  • Detect invalid entries and unused registry data
  • Clean confidential data and unnecessary files
  • Improve application performance and modify Windows startup configuration
  • Enjoy a clean PC with an optimized performance
  • Retrieve lost files
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Permanently delete confidential files
  • Protect personal information (ID, credit cards, and more)

SafeSoft Driver Manager

The importance of a Driver Manager should not be overlooked if you want to maintain your PC. If your PC and its peripherals are not utilizing the latest and most compatible drivers, it’s susceptible to crashes and issues.

Scan ALL Hardware and Peripherals

SafeSoft Driver Manager does not skip a single item in your computer that’s in need of the latest driver. Be it from your dongle USB, Bluetooth, mouse, keyboard, etc., you’ll get the best drivers for your PC.

Avoid Windows Issues

With Windows’ constant release of updates, a computer without the latest drivers may not be able to keep up; resulting in mysterious Windows issues that only a simple driver update can address. Stop being mystified by these almost inevitable annoyances with a powerful tool like SafeSoft Driver Manager.

Upgrade Operating Systems with Ease

Planning to upgrade your operating system but don’t know your hardware and peripherals’ model numbers? Take the plunge and try that new operating system with ease without having to worry about complicated stuff like drivers. All you have to do is update ALL of your drivers with Just 1 Click.

No Frills Backups

On an occasion whereby you don’t like the new operating system, you may downgrade without hassle because you can back up ALL of your drivers with a single click. With SafeSoft, there’s no such thing as irreversible damage.

Over a Million LEGIT Drivers

SafeSoft boasts over a million LEGIT drivers in its database. You don’t have to worry about falling for traps by going to fake source websites that could compromise your private information.

Better Program and App Control

SafeSoft Driver Manager informs you of programs and apps that you barely use. These programs may be working in the background which curtails the speed of your computer. Furthermore, it also gets rid of driver caches that are taking unnecessary storage space in your PC.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to completely remove everything when you uninstall a program or an app. Some software companies like to leave traces to remind you of them but you don’t need this advertising nuisance that only clutter your space.

Automated Scans and Updates

Because SafeSoft Driver Manager was designed to be a user-friendly yet powerful tool to aid in PC maintenance, you barely have to do anything once you schedule your scans and updates.

SafeSoft Driver Manager Full Features

  • Get a comprehensive diagnosis of drivers based on your PC’s model
  • Fast download of latest drivers
  • Get access to a regularly updated database of more than 1,200,000 drivers
  • Detects drivers for devices including network, audio and sound, printer, graphics and video card, and other peripherals
  • Backup and restore your configurations
  • Automatically detect and resolve driver problems
  • Speed up your PC’s startup
  • Uninstall unwanted and unused programs fully
  • Delete driver caches
  • Updated information in regards to your PC’s problems

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay the optimization of your PC. Don’t restrict it from working in its best state. Get your SafeSoft Suite today and experience what you and your computer truly deserve.