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What does a PC Cleaner Do

Jul 27 2020 by Amanda Dela Cruz

It’s 2020 and it’s easy to think that computers are quite modern. So much so that you miss the opportunity to assess what these machines really need. We often overlook the importance of maintenance because we bank too much on the modernity that comes appropriately with the times.

However, as PCs evolve, so do cyber crimes. Gone are the days when viruses were only created to make a file corrupt or to flood the system with “I love you” popup messages. Nowadays, these viruses are created to steal, extort, and blackmail. This is why PC maintenance is a must even in 2020 and you must not neglect the importance of a PC Cleaner.

What does a PC Cleaner do and Why you should Get One

Today, we’re not going to talk about cleaning the PC externally. What we mean by PC Cleaner is something that’ll help organize, speed-up, and protect your computer on the inside. A PC cleaner does more than the common notion that regular users have.

Junk File Removal

Don’t underestimate junk files. These are the most common reasons why most people are experiencing a slow PC. Junk files come in so many forms that pile up in one’s system unnoticed. Whenever we browse, do computer projects, install programs, and even the most basic PC activity, may all lead to the accumulation of junk files.

When you Browse

Whenever you browse the internet, your activity creates cookies and cache. These are temporary files that are deployed by various websites in order for your browsing experience to be faster the next time you visit the said websites. However, not all these websites are regularly visited by you yet your PC is burdened by these files.

Added to that, some cookies are also tied with trackers. This is why you must be leary and wary of what you do whenever you peruse the internet. Most of these tracking cookies are harmful BUT a lot of them may also compromise your privacy.

We will get into this more later and what a PC cleaner does to avoid this conundrum.

Duplicate Files

Simple tasks like transferring files like photos, videos, etc. may result in file duplication. An overlooked approach to “organization” may also lead to file duplication. This may be easily addressed but who really has the time and patience to for this?

With the accumulation of duplicate files comes the possibility of a slow PC. Most storage spaces that are overwhelmed in terms of capacity start performing slower and can affect one’s PC usage experience. Cleaning Junk Files is what a PC Cleaner does and MUST DO well.

Registry Issues

Registry Issues may affect your PC experience. These are errors that pop-up while using the computer. They may also counteract your other programs. Registry errors mostly occur from improperly installed programs. These leave files that not may not only cause your PC to slow down, they may also interrupt your activities and cause your system to lag or worse… freeze.

These registry errors must be addressed. There are ways to fix registry issues manually but with all of the maintenance piled up, this is where one must capitalize on what a PC cleaner does.

PC Speed-Up

One great way to improve a computer’s speed is by clearing up junk files. However, it doesn’t end there. There are many other ways to make a PC faster and this usually involves costly hardware upgrades. However, a good PC Cleaner knows that there are ways around this.

First is dealing with the Startup Menu. If your startup menu is not cluttered, it will render your computer to work less; making your PC more fast. Second is your Windows Settings. PC Cleaners are usually equipped with a feature like this in order for you to get the best settings for your hardware.

What does SafeSoft PC Cleaner do?

Now that you have the fundamentals, it’s time for you to know what you’re missing out on. With the saturation of PC Cleaners in the market, it’s easy to fall for advertising junk. This is why you must never buy anything because of the advertisement. You must get something because of good reviews or proper accreditation.

Because SafeSoft PC Cleaner is approved by AppEsteem, you’re ensured that it will deliver what it promises.

Retrieve Data and Files

Cleaning junk files is very important but what if your tool mistakes some of your important data as junk? How will you be able to get them back? With most PC cleaners, you have no way of retrieving deleted files.

This is why you must get SafeSoft PC Cleaner. With it, you’ll have a worry-free time when it comes to PC maintenance.

Permanent File Deletion

While file retrieval is quite integral and important, so is permanent file deletion. The reason being is because hackers may capitalize on your sensitive data. If you want to be ensured that no credit card numbers, ID info, and other private information are stored in your PC, you must try SafeSoft PC Cleaner’s permanent file deletion feature.

ID Scan

What does a PC Cleaner do with an ID Scan? The short answer would be… nothing. However, it is a bonus feature of SafeSoft PC Cleaner which will be quite helpful in protecting your privacy.

Using the ID Scan feature of SafeSoft PC Cleaner is quite easy. All you have to do is to key-in the last 4 digits of your ID, credit card, etc. and it will look for the files that correspond to your query. Once the program finds these files for you, you’ll be given the option to decide on what to do with these sensitive files.

Automated Scans, Cleanups, and Repairs

If you’re getting a PC Cleaner, be sure that it has the capability of doing all the work for you. What a great PC cleaner does is it works regularly on the background without interfering with your daily activities. You should not check it all the time and trigger its use because it will defeat the purpose of worry-free maintenance.

Complete features of SafeSoft PC Cleaner

  • Repair and Analyze your computer’s problems
  • Detect invalid entries and unused registry data
  • Clean confidential data and unnecessary files
  • Improve application performance and modify Windows startup configuration
  • Enjoy a clean PC with an optimized performance
  • Retrieve lost files
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Permanently delete confidential files
  • Protect personal information (ID, credit cards, and more)

Save yourself from unnecessary costs, upgrades, and slow performance. Try SafeSoft PC Cleaner today!