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Safesoft PC Cleaner FAQ

Activation says that the license key is invalid.

Don’t manually copy and type the license key from your confirmation email. Try highlighting the key and pressing CTRL + C to copy then CTRL + V to paste it on the activation box.

By doing so, you’re going to be sure that you have not made any mistakes with transferring the information.

How often should I scan my computer?

The schedule of your PC’s scans is highly reliant on how often your computer is being used. If it’s regularly used by different people with different needs, we highly advise for you to do a scan daily.

However, if you’re the only one who’s using the computer, once a week should suffice.

How to install Safesoft PC Cleaner

  1. Installing Safesoft PC Cleaner is very easy. Before doing so, we recommend for you to delete existing PC cleaner programs in your computer. Doing this will not only make your computer run faster, Safesoft PC Cleaner won’t also be at risk of interfering with other programs that you don’t need.
  2. Once you’ve finished downloading the file, simply right-click the installer icon and Run as Administrator.
  3. Follow the steps required and be sure to have your license key ready as well, which can be found in your confirmation email.

How to uninstall Safesoft PC Cleaner

  1. Open Add or Remove programs by typing it on your Windows 10 search bar.
  2. Look for Safesoft PC Cleaner on the list and click uninstall. Before doing this, be sure that you’ve already closed the program by using the end task button from the Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL).

How to scan, clean, and fix my PC

  1. Open Safesoft PC Cleaner then click the SCAN button.
  2. After the scanning process, you will be given complete diagnostics of the junk that the cleaner has found. You will also be provided with suggestions on how to deal with these files.
  3. You can either just go ahead and click FIX to have all of these files removed, or uncheck the category that you don’t want to perform any action on before finally clicking the fix button.

How to perform a system restore?

This version is only available on Safesoft PC Cleaner PRO. You can easily do this simply by creating a restore point date or you can have PRO to automatically schedule backup creations for you.

Some registry items remain

Seeing registry items after a successful scan and fix is normal. This happens because deleted registry items sometimes unveil new ones. All you have to do is perform a scan and fix it again.

However, the moment that you keep seeing familiar registry items that seem to not go away every time you use Safesoft PC Cleaner, these are probably the ones that are locked by your OS.

Safesoft PC Cleaner does not deal with this for your system to function properly. To not see it anymore, simply set the file or category to ignore.

How to go PRO

To have your hands on more amazing features, simply click the upgrade button and follow the steps.