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Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 24, 2020

This Privacy Policy forms part of your accordance with us. When visit our website safesoftpro.com, buy our products, download or install our programs, or any other activities that you partake of in regards to the services that we’re offering you.

This Privacy Policy is written to inform our data collection practices and to make you aware of how we handle your data whenever you engage with our website.

Kindly read and comprehend what this Privacy Policy entails. Should you not feel like you’ve understood completely, contact us at legal@blacktailtechnology.com

  • Who we are

Our company is Blacktail Technology located at Gurugram, India. Feel free to communicate with us through email at legal@blacktailtechnology.com

  • Why we collect information

Personal Information

This information pertains to you as a natural person. It can also be used as a reference, either singularly or complementary with other information in order to identify you as an individual.

Furthermore, in some jurisdictions such as the EU, the IP address that your ISP assigns may also be considered as Personal Information.

Non-Personal Information

This type pertains to something that is incapable of identifying or aid in identifying a natural person such as statistics and aggregated information.

Both information can be collected by us in the following ways.

Information that you submit

  • Account Creation – You’re required to sign up for a user account to have access to some of our services. This is one way of how we’re able to gather your personal information as you will be asked to enter details of your full name, age, birthday, email address, and more in the process.


However, this information is not obtained by force and is provided by your consent. Your email address apart from acting as a username can also be utilized in order for us to notify you with updates, newsletters, and more about the service that you’ve signed up for.


  • Buying a product – When you decide to buy a product from our website or other websites that sell our products, you will be asked to provide details of your full name, mobile number, email address, billing information, and shipping information (if the product is not digital).


Furthermore, you may be asked for your credit card information, PayPal account, and other ways to make a payment online, but these details will only be processed and collected by our 3rd party payment processors and not directly by us.

It’s very important for you to enter your correct email address and to have access to it because we will be sending the receipt, confirmation, license key, download links, and other information that’s related to your purchase on the address that you put on the form.

If the email address that you’ve provided is not functional, we may deactivate the associated password with it. This information is used for processing and delivering the product(s) that you’ve ordered to the email or physical address that you’ve provided.

If a problem arises with your order, one of our representatives will contact you through the additional e-mail that you’ve provided or on the phone number that you’ve added while placing the order.


Contacting our support team

Email: legal@blacktailtechnology.com

Contacting us directly

We also collect the details of your inquiry when you contact us directly through phone, email, or post. These details include your contact, address, name, and other information that you choose to share with us.

  • Information regarding your experience with our Services
  • Cookies – It’s a very common practice for websites to gather a user’s information when he browses or install the products from a certain URL. This information can range from your general activity on the website, your decision in purchasing a product or service, and more, which is solely used for analytics and statistics.


  • Log files – We collect information via server log files and by putting tracking technologies within the site. This is commonly done to study trends and to analyze a user’s interaction with the site and its services. The information we mostly take from here is your IP address for us to know your location and to provide you with the proper language and services that best suit your current location.


Furthermore, we also use this in order to flag IP addresses that are deemed fraudulent (Anti-Fraud Purposes) by our automated tools.


  • Installation reports – If you install one or more of our products, our server collects the information of your Operating System, language, version, and timestamp. This data is vital for us to provide accurate service for the file that you’ve installed.


  • How your information is collected

The most common way to collect your information is through the details that you provide us on our website forms. We also use cookies and other relevant trackers solely for statistics and analytics.

Cookies are small text files that are placed in your hard drive (or any similar device) through your browser. These are typically used to give you a better browsing experience when you use our website. It also informs us if any improvements are needed to make our website more functional and easier to use.

Login processes, the products that you add to your cart, your country, preferred language, currency, and more, are all information that’s being gathered by these cookies in order for you to save time from going through the same process again.

Cookies are also required for some sites and services to properly function. If you want to know better about cookies and 3rd party cookies, read our cookie policy.

Also, if you set your browser to block cookies from our website or our 3rd party partners, the website and its services may not function properly.

  • Promos and Third-Party Services

Third-Party Services

Third-party services are important for us to deliver, operate, improve, provide, and maintain our site and services. Such services payment processors, support and ticketing systems, tools for operation, analytics and statistics tools, and feedback feature.

The information that you choose to share with these 3rd party services is handled by them in accordance with their own privacy policies. If the unavailability of privacy policies occurs in an instance such as a service that deals with hosting and storage, we require the service to treat your information based on the requirements of applicable laws.


Retargeting and Advertising

Our third-party services can also collect non-identifiable information in regards to your interaction with the site. This information is commonly used to serve and display ads in relevance to your activity on our site. These relevant ads may appear on other websites that you browse as well.

You can opt-out if you desire from such type of advertising by simply tweaking the ad settings from the third-party service. To know more about doing so, please refer to our cookie policy.

Modifications, Consent, and Choice.

Sharing your information is upon your own discretion. We do not legally oblige you to do so. However, you must be aware that we will not be able to provide you with the services that you want to consume without the required information.

By partaking in our site and its services, you fully understand and accept our privacy policy practices. If you don’t agree with what’s written in this privacy policy, please don’t access our site and its services.

  • Sharing the Information

In some instances, we also share personal information with others due to the following below:

Data Storage and Security Platforms (Processors)

We may use third-party storage services (including cloud storage) to retain your information. This means that we share your information with third-party entities that are based in the UK and France, for the main purpose of storing it on our behalf, or other processing needs. These processors can be based anywhere their servers are located in the world.

We require these processors to maintain strict privacy protection and data security practices that strictly comply with data protection laws. However, please be aware that their practices and activities are fully dependent on their own privacy policies.

Third-party payment processors

These are providers of services that deal with your payment. The process and facilitate any purchase that you make on our website.

Law requirement

We may share the Personal Information that you’ve provided with any third-party entity if we find that disclosure of such information can aid the following:

  • To be in compliance with any law, regulation, legal process, or requests from the government accordingly.
  • To implement our license agreement, terms of service or privacy policy, and for investigation if a potential violation is made.
  • To detect, protect, or address security issues and fraud.
  • To prevent breach of rights, property or safety of NI, entities affiliated to us, our users, the public, and yourself.


  • Sale, Merger, or Bankruptcy

If we or one of our affiliated entities is acquired or merged with a third-party entity, or otherwise sell all part of our/its assets, we may migrate or assign the Personal Information that we have received from you. In such a case, we will require the acquiring entity to post its privacy policy practices and provide you with your rights based on the jurisdiction of your residency.

We can also share some Non-personal Information.

This is normally the data that deals with visitor’s engagement, click, scrolls, and overall activity, that are used for analytics and statistics. The acquirer may use other tools and methods to collect such data and we will also inform you of their own policies in regard to this matter.

  • Control and Choices

We only obtain your information through your choice of engaging with our website and services.  Such information is vital in order for us to provide you with the best service possible and to validate your identity.

You have rights in terms of your Personal Information and you can exercise these based on your discretion and your residency’s jurisdiction.

  • Rights for Information

As our customer, you have rights which concern your information. Feel free to ask us if we’ve collected your personal information and to know what we do with it.

  • Rights to Access Your Information

You can receive information on how we handle your information. This right allows you to have a copy of the information Blacktail Technology possesses about you, why we use your information, where we got it from and any recipient (if applicable).


  • Right to Rectify

Part of your rights is to ask us to edit, correct, verify, update, and delete your information. You can also request certain circumstances to not use automated processing or profiling, to arrive at any conclusion in relation to you.


  • Copy that’s Machine Readable

You may request us to provide a copy of how we processed your personal information in a machine-readable format which allows you to show it to another service provider.


If you find that your information is being used in an unlawful way, kindly contact us and we will halt the action and make a thorough investigation about the matter.


  • Unsubscribe or Opt-Out

We also use your Personal Information to send you advice about promos, products, and other site-related emails. You can do so by using the option of unsubscribing that we’ve provided or you may directly contact us about it through the listed contact information in this Privacy Policy.


  • Execute these Rights

To practice any of these rights, reach us through

Email: legal@blacktailtechnology.com


  • Information Security

The way we handle your information is backed by secure procedures, data security systems, and more. One of these can be found through our utilization of SSL on all of your transactions.

We also regularly monitor our information and data collection practices that protect you from security breaches risks. However, we don’t guarantee absolute security as no such thing exists in the world-wide network.

  • Transfer of Information


We may also transfer your information outside, or your current location, including to a country that is not capable of offering the same level of protection in regards to Personal Information. However, be assured that we will place all contractual safeguards to ensure that the information you’ve submitted is processed with an adequate level of protection.

  • Children

Our site and services are not made for children under the age of 16. We also don’t intend to collect Personal Information from anybody we know to be under this age. If we find out that we’ve harvested Personal Information from such, we will implement reasonable efforts to the deletion of this information as quickly as we can. If you believe that we’re in possession of this kind of information, don’t hesitate to reach us.

  • Privacy Practices for Advertising and Content Served by Blacktail Technology

13.1. We respect your right to privacy all throughout the services that we provide. In particular, Blacktail Technology adheres to the principles of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) regarding our use of data for interest-based advertising purposes. Delivering relevant ads, on behalf of our customers, that are tailored to users’ interests is known as “interest-based advertising” (also referred to as “behavioral advertising” or “targeted advertising”).

13.2. We also subscribe to the policies of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework, as a registered vendor on the Global Vendor List. For more information about these organizations, their policies, and interest-based advertising, please visit their websites by clicking on the following links: DAA (click here), EDAA (click here), or the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (click here).


13.3. AdRoll Privacy Notice


When users visit our website, we may occasionally collect user data by placing a cookie on a user’s browser for targeted advertising policies. The service we use to deploy these ads is called AdRoll. You can opt-out of receiving targeted ads served by us or on our behalf by clicking here. Please note that, if you delete your cookies or upgrade your browser after having opted out, you will need to opt-out again. Further, if you use multiple browsers or devices you will need to execute this opt-out on each browser or device. If you opt-out, we may collect some data about your online activity for operational purposes (such as fraud prevention) but it won’t be used by us to target ads to you.

We may collect the following categories of information for the purposes explained below.

  • Advertiser website activity: This is data about your browsing activity on the Advertiser’s website. For example, which pages you visited and when, and what items you placed into your online shopping cart.
  • Device and browser information: This is technical information about the device or browser you use to access the Advertiser’s website. For example, your device’s IP address, cookie string data and (in the case of mobile devices) your device type and mobile device’s unique identifier such as the Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID.
  • Ad data: This is data about the online ads we have served (or attempted to serve) to you. It includes things like how many times an ad has been served to you, what page the ad appeared on, and whether you clicked on or otherwise interacted with the ad.
  • Data from Advertising Partners: This is data that we receive from other digital advertising companies that we work with (“Advertising Partners”) to help us deliver ads to you and recognize you across browsers and devices. This may include pseudonymous advertiser identifiers that some Advertisers or other third party ad platforms choose to share with us, such as your “Customer ID” with an Advertiser or an identifier associated with a hashed (not readable) version of your email address. We may work with these Advertising Partners to synchronize their unique, anonymous identifiers to our own to enhance data points about a particular unique browser or device.
  • Email and Postal Addresses from Advertisers: Some Advertisers choose to share actual email addresses and postal addresses about their customers with us, so that (with the help of Advertising Partners) we can help the Advertiser serve targeted ads to customers. Also, we may assist an Advertiser with sending emails to customers (for instance, if the Advertiser is using our SendRoll service). We use the Advertiser’s supplied e-mail and postal addresses to assist that particular Advertiser.
  • Hashed email addresses: If an Advertiser allows, we may collect hashed versions of the emails that are entered on that Advertiser’s site. These hashed emails are used as an additional identifier to help us better target ads for Advertisers, including across multiple devices or browsers.
  • We use this data to help our Advertisers identify and serve ads to you that are more relevant to you. We also use this data to operate, improve and enhance our services including enhancing the data points we or our Advertising Partners have about a particular user, browser, or device, or to target, optimize, cap, or synchronize advertising.
  • Behavioral Remarketing

Blacktail Technology uses remarketing services to advertise on 3rd party websites to you after you visited our Service. We and our 3rd-party vendors use cookies to inform, optimize, and serve ads, based on your former visits to our Service.

  • Google AdWords

Google AdWords remarketing service is provided by Google Inc.

You may opt-out of Google Analytics’ Display Advertising and customize the Google Display Network ads by visiting the Google Ads Settings page: Click Here

Google also recommends installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on – Click Here – for your web browser. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on provides visitors with the ability to prevent their data from being collected and used by Google Analytics.

For more information about the privacy practices of Google, visit the Google Privacy & Terms web page: Click Here

  • Bing Ads Remarketing

Bing Ads remarketing service is provided by Microsoft Inc. You can opt-out of Bing Ads interest-based ads by following their instructions: Click Here

You can get more information about the privacy practices and policies of Microsoft by visiting their Privacy Policy page: Click Here

  • California Privacy Rights

If you are a resident of California, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides you with certain rights relating to the data that Blacktail Technology has collected about you. The rights include:

  • The right to know the categories and specific pieces of personal information we collect, use, disclose, and sell about you, the categories of sources from which we collected your personal information, our purposes for collecting or selling your personal information, the categories of your personal information that we have either sold or disclosed for a business purpose, and the categories of 3rd parties with which we have shared personal information.
  • The right to opt-out of our sale of your personal information. Please note that if you opt-out of certain types of sales, we and businesses that rely on that data may be unable to provide you with the services that rely on such sales.
  • The right to request that we delete the personal information we have collected directly from you.
  • The right not to receive discriminatory treatment for the exercise of the privacy rights conferred by the CCPA.

To learn more about your rights under the CCPA, please see the California for Consumer Privacy Website. Click Here

  • Privacy Policy Modifications

We have the right to modify, add, and delete provisions from our Privacy Policy. Your utilization of this site and our services following the effective date of our update entails that you agree to be bound by the changes.

In instances of changes, you’re ensured that we will inform you with prominent notices such as a note on the website, or by sending you an email. We highly advise you to read our Privacy Policy regularly to be updated with certain changes.

For any Inquiries

You can send us an email at: legal@blacktailtechnology.com