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Is Updating all Drivers Important?

Aug 13 2020 by Amanda Dela Cruz

There are many things that a regular PC user does to maintain his/her computer. However, updating drivers is often overlooked and this should not be the case. Windows errors such as the blue screen of death, sudden lags, crashes, etc.; including faulty monitors, mouse, keyboards, printer, and more.

Is updating all drivers important? In this guide, you’ll be figuring out as to why, and more.


Mysterious Hardware Errors

Have you ever experienced playing a game, working, or browsing the net when suddenly, a blue screen of death (BSOD) appears? After that, your operating system restarts making you lose all the work that you’ve done?

This is a classic case of out-of-date hardware drivers. It could be your graphics, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

Please know that the blue screen of death doesn’t only appear because of out-of-date drivers but they’re commonly the reason why they manifest.


Crashes and Lags

This is the most common conundrum that a lot of PC users encounter. Crashes, freezes, lags are quite inevitable. Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder, are my PC parts not enough? However, don’t blame it on your hardware just yet. A lot of times, these are caused by outdated drivers.

When operating systems roll out new updates, old drivers often can’t keep up. They become incompatible or they become not at par with the updates which leads to the mentioned issues. Added to that, some websites deploy new script all the time. Reading the new scripts using an uninformed or outdated driver can prove to be an impossible feat, causing your system to resort to crashes, freezes, and lags.


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SafeSoft Driver Manager


Is updating all drivers important? You bet it is. However, doing so is not always an easy feat. Manually updating drivers can be done but you must know that doing so can be quite tedious. Sometimes, there are also websites posing as legit ones just to deploy a virus in one’s system so they could commit their cybercrimes.

Before manually updating your drivers, you must perform ample research. Luckily for you, there’s a tool with cutting-edge technology such as SafeSoft Driver Manager.

  • Updating all of your PC’s drivers including the hardware and peripherals has never been easy than Just-1-Click. With more than 1.2 million LEGIT drivers in SafeSoft’s database, you won’t have a vexing time with driver updates.
  • Moreover, SafeSoft Driver Manager allows you to schedule your scans, cleanups, and updates offering you worry-free maintenance. Below are the features if you choose SafeSoft Driver Manager take care of your PC maintenance.
  • Get a comprehensive diagnosis of drivers based on your PC’s model
  • Fast download of latest drivers
  • Get access to a regularly updated database of more than 600,000 drivers
  • Detects drivers for devices including network, audio and sound, printer, graphics and video card, and other peripherals
  • Backup and restore your configurations
  • Automatically detect and resolve driver problems
  • Speed up your PC’s startup
  • Uninstall unwanted and unused programs fully
  • Delete driver caches
  • Updated information in regards to your PC’s problems

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