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How to update drivers on Windows 10

Jan 23 2021 by Adam
  • What are Driver Updates and why it is important?
  • Windows 10 Driver update
  • Download driver from manufacturer website
  • Use All in one driver update tool


What are Driver Updates and why It is important?

Drivers are the software that help you communicate with your computer. It can be a simple action you perform on your computer like a click or able to view things on your computer using monitor. In other words, there is a lot going on inside your computer to show you content of webpage, give you ability to click on things on your screen using your mouse.

As we know nothing is perfect, and so is the case of drivers. You may have driver installed in your computer however it may be lacking recent updates which will enhance its efficiency of your computer. You may be trying to play a game on your computer and lacking ability to get smooth graphics. Most of the time device manufacturer address by sending updates to fix bugs in driver software installed on your computer,

In recent years we saw that we got some serious vulnerabilities which were exploited by hackers to gain access of computer, which manufacturer addressed and fixed by sending driver update.

In short to summarize driver updates address security loopholes which drivers may have or fix bugs in already installed drivers in computer.


Update drivers using Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 has built in updates where generic versions of latest drivers are automatically installed using Windows updates. To check for driver update in Windows 10 you can simply go to Settings and then click updates and security. Click on check for updates and you will get driver updates with other updates from Microsoft on Windows 10.

Having said that, these updates usually contain generic drivers for your computer, means it will give you basic functionality, for a device, however device manufacturer usually tweak with driver software to provide your set of features and functions, and these are usually missing in driver updates using Windows Update.

Let’s take an example of a printer driver, if you have HP Officejet printer (All in one) you would easily be able to install driver for printer using Windows Update as soon as you plug your printer to your computer. However, drivers installed by Windows Update will not allow you to scan using your printer, select paper size you want to print on, and some color selection features may be missing. If you want to use all features of your printer you can read the next section of this article.



Download driver free from manufacturer website

Downloading drivers for free from manufacturer website is your best chance to install drivers on your computer for free, however you need to be a little tech savvy and know what you are actually doing. It can be really confusing for a regular computer user to find relevant drivers from a pool of hundred of thousands of drivers on manufacturer website.

If you are regular PC user, you can skip this section and refer to an automated solution for driver updates on your computer using best in class Driver Update Tool.

To download drivers from device manufacturer you can visit the manufacturer website, we have compiled a list of links to device manufacturer driver download repository.

Once you know what the make and model of your device is you can select them and download drivers.

Installing drivers is simple if you are able to figure out right driver software for your computer. All you have to do is download the driver software, then double click on downloaded file and follow on screen instructions.


Please note- Installing incorrect drivers on your computer may cause your computer to stop working or cause other issues. Please read driver version details on device manufacturer website and then download correct driver for your device.




Use All in one driver update tool

Best and safest way to update drivers on your computer is using all in one driver update tool which already know which drivers are compatible with your device. Using tool will also save you from guess work and saves time.

We recommend you using SafeSoft Driver manager to automatically download and install drivers on your computer.

Here are list of some amazing features of Driver update tool by SafeSoft

  1. More than 1.2 million drivers available in repository, which means it can update almost all drivers on your computer
  2. Automatic updates – means you don’t have to search drivers manually driver update software will install most compatible drivers on your computer automatically.
  3. Backup drivers – Means Driver manager will automatically backup old driver installed in your computer in case you want to revert to older version.
  4. Install drivers when you plugin your device- Means it will automatically search for best driver software for plugged in device and install it.



To summarize it all, there are ways to download and install driver updates for free however they require a very intensive process and average user may not be able to perform. Best way to update drivers in your computer would be to use an automatic driver update tool like SafeSoft Driver Manager and update drivers automatically.