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How to Schedule your Cleaning Scans

Regular cleaning scans ensures your PC to always be in its best shape. Your computer will not perform the way it should if it’s constantly filled with junk.

Safesoft PC Cleaner’s user-friendly interface made it very easy for you to schedule your cleaning scans. Follow the simple steps below to start cleaning.

  1. Open SafeSoft PC Cleaner.
  2. Find the Settings tab then click.
  3. Choose Automatic Scan and System Monitoring.
  4. Under the Scheduled Scans section, be sure to leave Enable scheduled scans

You can modify the other checkboxes upon your desire.

We highly recommend for you to choose the option to have your PC cleaned every time you start up your computer or whenever it’s idle. Doing the cleaning scan sporadically won’t allow your PC to perform at a hundred percent.