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How to do a Clean Uninstall

Most software developers will not let you completely remove their programs when you use their uninstallers. These uninstallers often work, but only to a certain extent.

If you use the uninstaller that comes along with the file that you’ve downloaded, you’ll still be left with extra files that only eat up the computer’s storage space. These files come in forms of folders, hidden files, registry entries, and random data.

In order for you to achieve a clean uninstall, you must have a trusty tool like Safesoft PC Cleaner. One of the many amazing features that this tool offers is the Safesoft Uninstaller.

How to use Safesoft Uninstaller

Open Safesoft PC Cleaner.
Select the Clean Up Tab.
Click Uninstall.

A menu will open showing you the complete list of the programs that are installed in your PC.

Highlight the program then click. Once done, the information about the program that you have selected will be shown. This includes its name, installation date, and file size.

After examining the program’s information, you can easily delete it by clicking the Uninstall button. Safesoft Uninstaller will ask you for the last time if you’re certain with your decision. Just click Yes or No to finish the action.

After the uninstallation has finished, you will be asked to press the OK button. After doing so, it will perform a scan and show you the junk files that the program has left behind. You’ll then be given the option to remove these items as well.

Safesoft Uninstaller can also be used to remove browser extensions and Windows store apps. You can simply do so by clicking the Browser Add-Ons tab on the Uninstall Menu.