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How to accelerate your Windows Startup Speed

Software developers today are rampant in utilizing subliminal advertising. They do this by having their programs to automatically open, whenever you turn your computer on. This may not show major repercussions on the get-go, but if your PC is overwhelmed with these programs, it will suffer from a slow startup.

Safesoft PC Cleaner saves your time by managing the Startup Menu for you. It is able to detect programs that aren’t used, giving your computer a bigger space to breathe.

How to access Startup Manager in Safesoft PC Cleaner

Using the Startup Manager in Safesoft PC Cleaner is very easy. There are 2 methods on how to do so.

  • Open Main Cleaning Scan. In the results screen, find the Boost Startup category then click the details
  • Select Clean Up Tab then click on Manage Startup.


How to use Startup Manager

Once you have access to the Startup Manager window, check the top of the screen. You will be shown the total number of programs that are included in your Startup Menu. The higher the number, the slower your startup time becomes.

Apart from the numbers shown, it will also give a detailed information individually, of what these programs are. These details include the name, company, status, and Startup Manager’s advice on which action to take.

The Advice Column is especially helpful as it will provide you an educated idea if a program is necessary, optional, or not needed at all. This feature was designed to make activation, deactivation, and deletion, a breeze for the user.

Remember: If Safesoft PC Cleaner advices you to disable or delete a program that you know you are using on a daily basis, simply ignore the advice.

Startup Manager will give you 3 options on how to deal with each program in your Startup Menu.

  • Enable – activates the program to launch automatically on startup.
  • Disable – keeps the program in your Startup Menu but disables its capability of automatically launching whenever you start your computer.
  • Delete – deletes the program from your Startup Menu.


Scheduled tasks

This is a list made by Softsafe PC Cleaner’s Startup Menu feature. It will show you the tasks that are automatically scheduled by the programs in your PC. These tasks run in various times and you can have control of them by modifying to your needs.


You’ll be given control to disable or delete services that external Windows services have installed in your PC.

If you want to see a significant change in the startup speed of your computer, the most effective way of doing so is by reducing the programs in your Startup Menu.