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Cookies Policy

Last updated: March 04, 2020

Blacktail Technology (us), utilizes cookies on the www.safesoftpro.com website and the SafeSoft Family of Products. By navigating our website and using our services, you are consenting us to use cookies.

Our Cookies Policy was made to guide you on what cookies are about, how we use it, how our third-party partners use it, your role with these cookies, and further information.

What are Cookies?

These are text codes sent to you by websites whenever you browse them. A cookie file is deployed on your web browser, which allows our website or our third-party affiliates, to provide services to you.

There are 2 kinds of cookies, persistent and session. The former remains on your computer or any other device even when you’re offline, while the latter, are deleted once you close your web browser.

How Blacktail Technology uses cookies

Whenever you access our website, products, and services, we may put cookies files in your browser. These cookies are used for the purposes


  • Help enable functions of the website, service, and product
  • Provide us information for our analytics and statistics
  • Allow serving of ads including behavioral advertising
  • We make use of both session and persistent cookies on our service and we also use different types of cookies to run it.
  • Essential cookies are used to validate users in order to avoid fraud. We also use these cookies in our offerings.
  • Analytics cookies are used to provide us with a comprehensive data in regards to the amount, activity, recurrence, and more, of our visitors. This also helps us to provide better service by having an idea on what to modify, remove, or add.
  • Advertising cookies are mainly used to display and deliver ads and are able to track the ads’ performance and the viewer’s reaction. These cookies may also deliver you ads that are highly relevant, based on the information that we’ve gathered from you through our Analytics cookies.


Third-party cookies

Our partners may also put their cookies in your browser and these are commonly used for processing of payment, ads, statistics, reports, maintenance, and more.

What you can do with these cookies

If you decide to delete cookies or have your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, you can simply do so by tweaking your browser’s settings or reading its support/help pages.

However, please know that once you refuse to accept cookies and delete them, you may not be able to consume our services and have full experience of what our website can deliver.

More information about cookies can be found below.


Privacy Policy

Blacktail Technology harvests, maintains, and shares information, in your accordance with its Privacy Policy. By perusing the website and consuming its products and services, you hereby agree and consent them to handle your data accordingly.


If you have more questions about OUR cookies, send us an email at