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Here at SafeSoft, we don’t only want to help you make money. We also ensure that our products meet the quality that your readers deserve. SafeSoft PC Cleaner and SafeSoft Driver Manager are both AppEsteem approved and are packed with more features than any other regular utility tool in the market.

By listing our products, you’ll be given the opportunity to be our brand ambassador. As a SafeSoft ambassador, you’ll be included in our future sponsorships and ad campaigns.

We believe in growing together and our success should be yours as well.

Why SafeSoft?

  • Repair and Analyze your computer’s problems
  • Detect invalid entries and unused registry data
  • Clean confidential data and unnecessary files
  • Improve application performance and modify Windows startup configuration
  • Enjoy a clean PC with an optimized performance
  • Retrieve lost files
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Permanently delete confidential files
  • Protect personal information (ID, credit cards, and more)
  • Get a comprehensive diagnosis of drivers based on your PC’s model
  • Fast download of latest drivers
  • Get access to a regularly updated database of more than 600,000 drivers
  • Detects drivers for devices including network, audio and sound, printer, graphics and video card, and other peripherals
  • Backup and restore your configurations
  • Automatically detect and resolve driver problems
  • Speed up your PC’s startup
  • Uninstall unwanted and unused programs fully
  • Delete driver caches
  • Updated information in regards to your PC’s problems

Because you’re choosing to be our ambassador, we want to give you a 40% commission for every sale that’s made by your platforms. Furthermore, we’ve made it easier for you to get your money through our low thresholds for withdrawal.

We also provide different advertising materials that are effective in creating conversions so you won’t have to go through the hassle of creating such content.

Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact our dedicated support for affiliates.

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